Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On overload......

well, it finally came down to it and I had to reschedule my surgery. I am suppose to be stress free to decrease healing time and with everything going on, I could not see that happening, so we reschedule. Just so happens, my surgeon is out of the country for about 2-3 weeks out of August, so it's moved to September 21st. I had my Xk2 babies (the 3,4 and 5 year olds I teach on Sunday at church) singing in big church that Sunday morning and our JBQ team (that I help coach) would be having our first fundraiser that Sunday night after church, Blake goes to Birmingham Monday to meet with the surgeon who did his surgery for followup and Upper GI, Blake has another appt on Wednesday, 3rd grade orientation Wednesday night, Blake eye appt Thursday morning and getting school supplies done, then his first week of 3rd grade......I would have to miss ALL of this because I would be right in the middle of recoup time and I can't see that happening. I would be stressed to the max, so we thought about it and felt best that I reschedule. Now, in the middle of planning our JBQ fundraiser...fun, busy times....


  1. Wow! You really are busy! Goodness. Well, I'm sorry you had to reschedule your sugery, but I know you did what works for you. Keep your spirits up ~ this busy time will pass and then you can focus on YOU.

  2. thanks honey. I just couldn't see missing out on all of this. I would have been sitting at home stressing about it all getting done, so it just wasn't meant to be right now I guess.