Friday, July 16, 2010

A dream finally turning into reality

Wow and Amazing....The only two words I can think of to describe what my new life is becoming. Blake, Emma and I have been blessed by God with an amazing man. Thank God for the two bad relationships, heart aches and pain I had to go through to get to this point. This man is who He had destined for me all along and if it took going through all of that, then so be it...very well worth it. Our beginning started like this........ a lady from my church, who has known me 10 years now  and whom I call mama, said to me one day, "you know who would be a good match for you?", I said "who?", and she says "Mike." Nothing else was said and this was on a Wednesday. Sunday morning, I came to my Xk2 class where I co-lead and my best friend says to me that she had a dream the night before that he and I were together. This started my interest. Two people speaking the same thing and neither of them knew the other had said anything. Two weeks later, we began talking by emails about different things and about Blake, who absolutely adores him and trusts him more than any man on the earth and on a Saturday, he asks me to come over and watch movies. So, we watched a movie and had pizza and had some conversation, we were both kind of nervous. From that day on we have not gone without speaking throughout the day and barely any days have we not seen each other. This has been a life changing journey that has only just begun and I can not wait to see where this road will lead us...TOGETHER! :) We have had several stumbling blocks come our way and waiting on things, but we overcame them as a team and we trust God and KNOW that He has destined for the two of us to be together and this man is going to be an awesome, amazing, astounding father for Blake and Emma one day and a great husband to me. <3 <3 <3 We have had a couple trips to the lake, some state park trips, we just enjoy spending time with each other doing anything...we call it "family time." He has already been here for me and has been my rock through some rough uncle having a heart attack, my dad waiting on results from cancer treatments, the kids being sick, babysitter calling out...and there he was, right there waiting to help....It's been a few months now and I am so in love. Emma has picked up calling him dadda and LOVES him. She doesn't want mommy to put her to sleep anymore, she gets right out of my arms and goes into his. Sooooooooooooo sweet! It melts my heart! She gives him the biggest open mouthed smile every time she sees him and waves at him when we say goodbye. Blake has just recently, over the past weekend, called him dad twice. This is a miracle in itself. Blake finally feeling close enough to a man to feel that way. Walls are finally falling for Blake and I both. Monday night, I had to take Emma to the acute care center after JBQ practice and Blake went home with him and when I got there to pick him up, Blake says to me, "Mommy, I told Commander Mike he was going to be my #1 daddy because he's sweet to me and does things with me and then Greg can be #2 dad that I don't see.......I had to choke back those tears! What the road ahead lies....only God knows.....


  1. OH Lisa! I was on the verge of tears while reading this. Happy tears ~ because I am SO very happy for you and the blessing of Mike in your life! I'm glad to finally know the story and that you are writing about your new life!

  2. thanks Livvy!! It brings tears to my eyes everytime I sit and think about how blessed I am. Love you! Glad we are blogger sisters :)