Monday, July 19, 2010

Blakester and Em

Can't believe we are gearing up to send Blake off to 3rd grade. WOW! Time flies. Looking forward to finding out this week who his new teacher will be. Summer break is now down to 21 days. My boy is getting so big, but he keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. Last night he told me he would love me forever and ever and he loves me all the way down deep in his heart!! HOW SWEET!!!!!!!!!! He tells me that he is my #1 love and dad is my #2 love. He knows who comes first.... :) He has been working on his swimming and going under water and has trusted his dad to help him with that and this weekend he broke a fear and even did a flip under water. YAY!! Go Blake!

Emma is now trying to run instead of walk..she has figured out she can get around now and she does not like to stay still for long at all. Still loves to eat what doesn't eat her first. There isn't one food that I can think of she has turned away at all. She is learning new words daily it seems. Now it's bubba, mama, dada, daddy, Emma, up, down, uh oh, out....before long, she will never stop talking....we are gonna have our hands full with her :) Such a joy!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I LOVE BEING A MOMMY!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~


  1. Sweet story! That Blake is a charmer and Emma is darling!