Thursday, September 16, 2010

My new friends...

Originally I started blogging just about my everyday life, what the kids and I are up to, the new school year, upcoming surgery for me, renewed love of photography and my new journey with it.

Then, the other day, I sat and thought about Blake and this school year. I just don't feel like Blake and his teacher click. Maybe it's because she hasn't had many other Aspergers children in her class before or maybe I am just being my protecting mother self. I am really worried about him this year, main reason being, he doesn't do real well with change. His teacher is 39 weeks pregnant. So, after a month and a half of school being in session, she will be having her baby next Thursday and they will have a substitute for the next 6-8 weeks. The adjustment period Blake will have is what worries me most. Will she be understandable? Has she dealt with Aspergers kids before? Is he going to have anxiety attacks everyday because someone new is there? Only time will tell and all I can do is pray that doesn't happen. I am HOPING they click right off and have no trouble.I have been trying to prepare him, so no unexpected surprises arise and he acts, right now, as if he's ok with it all. The class has already met the teacher that will be coming.

So, I started typing in google Asperger blogs. That was the start of a new beginning and probably one of the best things I have done in a longgggg time. I have met some VERY awesome people through their blogs as Asperger mom's. It feels soooooooo amazing to have your own feelings put into words by someone else. My absolute fav right now is Alysia @ This girl is truly inspirational. It's great to know that she is so real, so helpful and willing to help anyone. I know that if I am going through anything, I can usually look to one of her blogs and my help is right there. I just recently started following Life in the House that Asperger Built at I first clicked on Alysia's blog and have found numerous other Aspergers blogs, each with their own special gifts and own meanings. The one thing we ALL have in common, is our love for our children and the willingness to learn more everyday about ASD so that we teach outsiders who our kids are and who we are through them. I have gained a whole new set of friends. The difference is, these friends understand me and understands my child. These friends don't judge. Like I try to say..."My methods of madness are my methods of madness and they work for me." No one has to understand how I discipline my child or if they think he's spoiled. We do what works for our family. Earlier in the week, I put as my status on facebook, "Everyone should have to live a day in the life of a special needs child, their parents or siblings, only then could you even begin to know what this life feels like."

So, for now....Blake's happy. He has had good and bad days so far this school year. The bully that picked on him the most last year on the bus, happened to get put in his class this year, so it didn't start off well, but the teacher is aware and makes it a conscious effort to watch them. They don't sit beside or in front of each other. She has noticed that when Blake gets nervous, he grinds his teeth, he talks nervously, or he will talk to himself (that's how he reminds himself of what he has to do) so far that's it. He has gotten in trouble once because he was talking (to himself) in the bathroom and a little boy told on him, but once I spoke to the teacher about his talking, she was ok with it and apologized to Blake for loosing a number that day for behavior. Only time will tell how the rest of the school year will go. We haven't had our IEP meeting yet, very nervous for that. 

So, as usual, we take one moment at a time and that's all we can do. We cherish the good days and learn from the bad ones and always know, there is someone there for us whenever we need them.........



  1. WOW! Thank you so much for the link and the kind words!! I'm looking forward to reading more from you, and I'm glad you've found a "new family" here. As my friend from "I should have called him Calvin" said today, sometimes this is the last safe place we have left.
    Welcome! I'm adding you to my blog list today :)

  2. Hi Lisa, It looks like you're on a bit of a journey here sweetie....good you found some blogging buddies. They certainly do brighten our days.
    Love and hugs. x