Friday, September 24, 2010

FINALITY at its finest!

It's taken me a few days to take in all the events that's happened this week. I have started writing this blog for 2 days now and just haven't felt peace about finishing it...until now. FINALLY, after years of requesting an IEP for Blake and being turned away from the school by the teacher, the counselor  because academically his grades were great, FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY I met with assistant principal yesterday and it was a different experience altogether. I went there anxious, nervous and feeling like it was going to be another waste of time, like knocking on another door never to be opened. BUT, this week I found new found hope from you Aspie momma's and seeing your journeys with your kids. It hit me, if I'm not Blake's advocate, who will be. NO ONE, I'll tell ya. I am his mom and it is my responsibility to stand up and not take no for an answer again. If we get told no by one person, keep going and going and going. I left the school refreshed and energetic, like I could take on the world for him. I always want him to remember his mommy never giving up and always fighting for HIS best interest. Blake has had a very hard year this year in 3rd grade. Last school year, he was bullied all the time on the bus by one certain boy who would get a couple more older kids to help him pick on Blake. Some strange way, the bully happened to get assigned in Blake's class. YIKES!! The bully his classmate!?! Not happening! He has had trouble getting hardly any classwork done because he is constantly afraid someone will look at him or the bully will throw things at him. He would bring home gobs of homework everyday. The teacher was aware and did not let them sit near each other or walk in front of or behind one another. The teacher was pregnant though and missed days or left early because of doctor appointments and such and the subs would come in and not know. Blake was so nervous that he cut the insides of his socks with scissors along with a pair of shorts, he would chew on his shirt or he would sit there and draw. They have lots of sentences to write, spelling, grammar, math and he already doesn't like to write so that was added anxiety and stress for him. The teacher left yesterday to be induced, so they will have a sub for 6 weeks, also another fierce anxiety level for him, because he HATES change. So yesterday at the meeting, the assistant principal, Mrs. H, felt really bad for him not having a comfortable environment to learn in, so she changed him to a new class, a male teacher (who he seems to be comfortable with) who also has less number of students in class and has lots of experience with Aspergers. WOW!! Really, is my boy finally going to have some calmness? It's been great so far. I like Mr J, he emailed me last night that he and the students were excited about Blake joining their class, he has emailed me today a couple of times to let me know Blake was having a great day and he knew some of the students from previous classes and he seemed happy. WHEW!!! What a load off of this momma! I'm so happy for him. He deserves this. We also were told that we can do a 504 plan because he didn't qualify (there's the words again) for an IEP, so a 504 is a starting place. We have our meeting next Wednesday with the teacher, the education director, counselor and assistant principal. I'm actually not nervous about it like I thought I would be.

Side note....tonight is momma and Blake "date" night....let's see what chicken place we eat at tonight! boy should really be clucking...looking forward to some one on one time with my little guy while daddy and Emma have their daddy/daughter date. Funny, daddy having a date with a 16 month old. Wonder whose date will be the most interesting? Afterwards, stopping at the Redbox for some movies, then to all pile in the big bed with popcorn and chocolate milk for family movie night.........


  1. that's terrific! way to go fighting for it. I hope this works out for him and you!

  2. I so love hearing about parents who know their kids and make schools listen and know, too. As a former educator, I used to fight to get other teachers, counselors and admin on board with me about certain kids and always felt a small sense of victory when parents came on strong. As a tutor now, I always encourage parents to demand the attention their kids so deserve. It's just too easy for school admin and teachers - even with their hearts in the right place - to let things slip. The squeaky wheels get oiled, so squeak away!!!