Thursday, August 5, 2010

3rd we come!!!

so last night, Blake and I went to meet his teacher and see if he knew any of his classmates. He knows one little girl that goes to our church and then, of course, two boys that bullied him around last year just happens to be in class with him this year. OH NO!!! Blake was terrified. He would not come from behind me and while I was sitting in the chair filling out paperwork, he stayed like glue next to my arm or ducked behind my shoulder. Why did they have to be in this class??? I feel so bad for him. He was so scared. I tried to get him to say hello to them and he said "no, I'm scared" and I asked him why and he said, "they will hurt me and beat me up." That just breaks my heart. He finally gets a good teacher this year and can't be really happy about it because of the bullies. GOD HELP HIM, be with him and give him strength and peace to make it through each day.

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