Friday, February 25, 2011

Round 1

So, yesterday started our 1st OT visit for Blake with *Kathleen. Not quite sure what to expect going in for neither Blake or I. I think I was more excited than he to FINALLY get our foot in the door and getting him some help/tools to help him with things. Kathleen looked at me and said "hi, mom" and then immediately starting conversating with Blake. He went from nervous, twiddling his fingers, to pulling on his shirt, rapid eye blinking to sitting with his hands in his lap and quite still (which I was amazed at). Kathleen reviewed our "next to nothing" IEP that the school prepared for her, a letter from the Special Ed teacher who is seeing him 3 days a week for 15 minutes for "social skills help." I was happy and relieved to hear her say, "there is definetly more work that can be put into this IEP." She did some co-ordination things, watched his handwriting, talked with him and said she would compile her suggestion and put them in a letter to the school and have his IEP re-evaluated to add her suggestions into it. Of course, I emailed the principal and have heard nothing back. It's going to take a visit up there to get something done and that's what I am prepared to do. We finally have some tools that will help him and I be dang if they are going to stand in the way. We have to do something and I want it done fast. Blake is starting to lately have some anxiety issues and is starting to pick at his skin when he gets nervous or is trying to concentrate. He gets bullied enough, I don't want to give those bullies something else to feed off by seeing spots on his skin. I just pray, we can get in there and get this done before any more damage is done. Atleast this is a start to therapy and we can continue on from here...........I'm very thankful!

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