Monday, October 25, 2010

On the line...Part 2

the rest of the story....

so, where do we go from here? I have put in numerous hours of research into different supplements that are suppose to be comparable to what he is on now. We are now in the process of cutting his dosage of the Risperdal and titrating him off of it altogether. We have started introducing Melatonin. The first night at 4mg and it took about 2 hours before he fell asleep. The second night we increased it to 5 mg and he didn't fall asleep until 3:30 in the morning. I wonder if his body is just use to the high dose of medication to fall asleep? Either way, I know it is going to take his body some time to adjust. I am also getting him and Emma both a weighted blanket. I have heard such great reviews from people using them.

So far, the change in teachers/classroom has helped. He is a little more comfortable. He has had just a couple of instances when things didn't go his way. Last week, I had to make a trip up to the school because Blake got home and I called like always when I know he's home with my brother, to see how his day went and come to find out, some kid in PE punched Blake's tooth out. Blake was pushing the boys arm to get his attention, he wanted someone to talk to, and the boy told Blake he was bothering him and then PUNCH. This is NOT OK!!! I guess good thing is, it was a baby tooth and not a permanent one. What REALLY got me was, the coach didn't call, the teacher didn't call, the nurse didn't call, no email, no phone call, no letter sent home! This made me hit the roof. I can't remember when I was this angry. The nurse gave him a bag for his tooth. I made my way up there the next day and Blake and I had a talk with him. I was assured he would get to the bottom of this and of course, I haven't heard back...yet! =) I am calling this afternoon to find out what is going on. At the visit with the Principal, we found out a kid in Blake's class has been begging Blake to share his lunch with him and "he'll be his friend." I so wish Blake could understand what it means to be taken advantage of. All he wants is a friend. A true one.

About two weeks ago, I happened to talk to an old friend that I went to high school with. Her daughter has SPD, but she is leaning more into the Aspergers world now as we have the Aspergers, but seeing more of the SPD symptoms now. She shared with me the OT and ABA therapist that she used before the Army moved them and I called last week and we now have an appointment with the OT/ST this coming week. I really hope this is the open door we have been waiting for. Blake needs this. I want him to have some sort of being comfortable in his own skin feeling. I filled out the sensory checklist and was say the least. It seemed like I checked 100 or more things. Maybe what I am learning from my blogger mama friends and their lives with their Asperger/SPD kids is opening my eyes to a new world for Blake. One I didn't know was out there. So, till appointment time...........

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